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Learning to Be Assertive

What is Assertiveness?

Clearly communicating what you want
Expressing your feelings, needs, and opinions
Standing up for your rights when they are threatened or taken advantage of

Why do People Avoid Being Assertive?

Many people avoid being assertive because they confuse being assertive with being aggressive. Aggressiveness violates the rights of others. Assertiveness is a respectful communication of your own rights.
Another reason people avoid asserting themselves is fear of upsetting others or damaging relationships. However, avoiding assertiveness may damage relationships more in the long run, by causing feelings of resentment or mistrust to build.

Being assertive empowers you to express yourself in an honest way with others. It also allows others to know what you want or need from them, making it more likely that they will meet your needs. In other words, assertiveness can be a great tool in helping you build strong, respectful, supportive relationships with loved ones, classmates, and co-workers.

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